Cambridge Services Group: Underground Storage Tank Services

A mounting concern over potential pollution of our ground water resources by leaking underground storage tanks (USTs) has prompted legislation and regulations by state and federal lawmakers. The laws require that tanks be tested to determine their integrity and absence of leaks and that tanks be upgraded on a scheduled basis. These regulations are designed to prevent as well as find leaks and spills and to subsequently correct them.

Cambridge Services Group (CSG) is capable of meeting your UST needs. Our staff is highly experienced in all aspects of UST Management including site closure, contamination surveys and site remediation.

CSG has the necessary expertise to determine if a UST is currently leaking or has leaked in the past. This can be accomplished through soil gas measurement probes and/or soil analysis. If a tank leak is suspected, a tank tightness test can be conducted to test the integrity of the entire system. Confirmed leaks will require additional action to stop, contain and determine the extent of soil and ground eater contamination. All services provided by CSG are done in accordance with state and federal regulations.


Cambridge Serivces Group (CSG) has the technical and professional expertise to assist you in managing your UST.

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