Cambridge Services Group: Soil and Water Remedial Action

Environmentally and economically sensible solutions to groundwater or soils contamination problems require the integration of hydrogeology, chemistry, financial analysis, and engineering. Cambridge Services Group (CSG) develops practical, cost-effective remedial programs, which are targeted to realistic cleanup goals based on professional environmental analyses. Call on CSG to:

When regulatory requirements are questionable, you can call on CSG to assist in negotiating effluent limitations. This step is vital in determining the most cost-effective alternative; CSG is accustomed to working with legal counsel to:

CSG consults with many industries on wastewater management. Contact CSG at any stage to:

Upon selection of a concepts, CSG can efficiently:

To ensure that treatment plant personnel are capable of operating the plant, CSG will prepare operations and maintenance manuals and conduct training sessions, both at the workplace and in a classroom setting. CSG will also provide on-call consultation in case of spills, production overruns, or other unusual conditions.

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