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Facility audits are normally performed on a scheduled basis in order to provide lenders, owners and their representatives with a tool for budgeting and forecasting of building and overall facility needs. CSG can provide civil and structural engineers, mechanical, electrical and HVAC inspectors, and certified cost engineers to evaluate building components by type.

CSG divides the inspection into primary systems, secondary systems, service systems, safety standards, and functional standards. The primary systems reviewed include the substructure, superstructure, exterior closure, and roofing systems. Secondary systems are evaluated including partitions and doors, walls and finishes, floors and finishes, and ceilings and finishes. Service systems such as conveying, plumbing, heating, cooling and ventilation, electrical and lighting are reviewed for adequacy. Another feature of the report is a review of safety systems and functional suitability and adaptability for other uses. Zoning and code compliance is reviewed to determine suitability. Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act is an optional feature to be included in the study at the client's specific request.

The reports are detailed with a rating system to allow comparative ratings for management and budget progress. The component forms to determine the ratings are divided into systems description, component evaluations, and maintenance deficiency comments with a resulting component rating. Specific items are detailed for cost estimation and recommendations for immediate action items are included. Maintenance deficiencies are noted for communication and management assistance.

CSG performs interviews with on-site management personnel and all maintenance staff in order to include input from sources familiar with all building systems. CSG offers engineering recommendations for alternate energy and cooling systems if requested in order to introduce cost saving opportunities.

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