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Indoor air quality is an integral part of every building affecting the well being and productivity of the occupants, the efficiency of the equipment and operation costs. The energy crisis of the 1970s caused building owners to conserve energy though reduced filtration of outside air. At the same time, the amount of new office products and furnishings grew rapidly as new office buildings were constructed and/or remodeled.

Buildings became more efficient, but at a cost. Many building managers are plagued with occupants complaining of health problems such as eye, nose, and throat irritation, headaches, blood abnormalities, asthma, fever, increased incidence of upper respiratory system infections and fatigue. This phenomenon has been labeled as "Sick Building Syndrome" or "Tight Building Syndrome".

EPA scientists have found that people are exposed to far greater concentrations of common toxic organic chemicals indoors than they are outdoors.



Experience has shown that tight building syndrome is most often caused by inadequate make up air. If inadequate ventilation is not the problem, then Cambridge Serivces Group (CSG), with the aid of the results of a comprehensive building occupant questionnaire and building evaluation, will recommend and perform specific environmental air monitoring to determine the source(s) of Sick Building Syndrome.

Based on observations and air sampling, recommendations are developed and presented to the client. After corrective action has been taken, additional measurements can be taken to assure air quality standards are met.

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